Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This last weekend Kyle and I went up to KC on Saturday morning to spend Easter with my family. We went to Garnder and watched all the kids do the Easter egg hunt. We even got our picture taken with the Easter bunny! After that all of us just went back to JR and Lauren's house for some lunch and more egg hunts. It was nice being about to spend time with everyone together. I can't imagine adding two more kids to that group!

Jen, Lauren and I with the bunny!

The kids with the bunny!

Sunday morning I actually got a little time to clean the house. It was such a disaster considering we hadn't been there in the last two weeks. Now getting caught up on laundry is a different story (at least my suitcase is unpacked now!) Sunday afternooon Kyle and I headed over to his parents house for an Easter brunch shrimp broil!

I want to say thanks to Kylie and Wylee for going out to dinner with us Sunday night and for the delicious goodies! It was nice to finally be able to get together since all of us are usually so busy.

On Monday Kyle and I met with Dr. Koeneke to go over the plan. I really like him as a doctor. He takes the time to listen and answer all of our questions (which I had a lot this time). I asked about removing the spots they saw, but he said that since they have already metastasised from another location they usually won't remove them. Removing them could cause more problems, which we don't need right now. I also asked about radiation to the spot in the liver. He said that could be an option but chemo would be the first choice. He made us feel good and confident about the decisions that have been made for this treatment.

I had a repeat bone scan done today just to make sure nothing has started to show up there. We should have those results sometime next week. Just praying they are clear!

It has been nice to be back to some sort of a normal life this week. I haven't had to run around to multiple appointments seeing multiple different doctors. I have been able to sleep in my own bed and spend time in my own home with my pups! I have been back at work all week and that helps keep my mind from wondering too much.

Tomorrow starts another round of treatments and I am honestly not looking forward to it. It will be a 6 hour day but at least I only have to do it one day instead of three days in a row. I don't like not knowing how I am going to feel or how this treatment will go but I am going to suck it up and just get through it.

I will try and update as soon as I get done with this first round. 



  1. Great pics. Keep your head up!

  2. We've been following your blog and just wanted to let you know that Bryant Family Racing is keeping you in prayer. You're such a beautiful and brave young lady. God Bless You!

  3. You are sooo brave...praying for you!

  4. Jeryka, We want you to know that you all are in our Thoughts & Prayers if anyone can beat this you can. Keep your chin up.

    Randy, Liz, Tyler, Ashley, Treyton & Ryland Valentine
    Shannon, Kyle, Kaelynn & Blaine Hathaway.

  5. Jeryka, sending you prayers and hugs! Paula & Terry Rhodes