Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One state to the next

We got back from Iowa on Monday morning about 1am. The weekend didn't end up being too bad after a rough start on Saturday. I made a lot of runs but didn't really turn on a whole lot of win lights. Dad ended up winning the super quick dragster side and then lost in the run off. Kyle won super pro but then also lost the run off. Over all not a horrible weekend.

Tuesday morning Pam, Tera and I left for Hartford, CT. This would be the first time in a long time that I have flown somewhere that didn't involve doctor's appointments or getting stuck with a needle, so I was going to enjoy the trip.

The lady at Starbucks almost got my name right!

Our flight out of KC was delayed an hour so when we got to Chicago we just went straight to the next plane and boarded. No time wasted in that airport. We got into Hartford around 4:30 with no problems, checked into the hotel and went exploring for a little bit.

I have been in a lot of planes in the last year, but not one this new and fancy.
It was an 800 series!

The view from our hotel room
Tumble Street
Gymnastics being representing all over town

While we were eating dinner coach Chow (he was Shawn Johnsons and Gabby Douglas' coach) came into the same restaurant to have dinner. As we were leaving Pam stopped so I could get a picture with him. I got to thank him for the letter and t-shirt he had sent me earlier this year wishing me good luck with my journey. He has got to be the nicest and happiest person I have ever met.

Chow and I!
I am going to enjoy this week and try to learn a lot before having to make a quick trip to Houston for a check up on Sunday.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer's end

Where has the summer gone?

A couple of weeks ago I went and saw Dr. Bell, the radiologist here in Manhattan to discuss what we should do as far as full brain radiation. My oncologist down in Houston thought I should see about getting full brain since I was done with chemo but the radiologist that did the Gamma Knife felt we should just use full brain when we need it since we can only use it one time. So we were just confused on what the best plan would be. Should I do full brain now just as precautionary and then we wouldn't have that option if something showed up later down the road. Or should I go ahead a wait, get MRI's every 2-3 months and use it if something shows up sometime. Right now I am going to wait. I have an MRI scheduled for August 18th. I am hoping there is nothing there and we won't have to worry about radiation right now.

I have been feeling great since I have been free of chemo. Everyday gets better and my energy level goes up each day. I will repeat scans, do blood work and see my oncologist in October. So I am somewhat free from appointments for a couple of months.

This coming up week is the last week of summer practice for the girls. They have been working hard (most of the time) and will get a week off before we start our school year schedule. I will miss morning practices because we can get a lot done when its just team in the gym but I won't miss having to get up early! Next week I will be going to Hartford, CT for National Congress and gymnastics championships. Congress is 3 days full of classes about coaching gymnastics and running a gymnastics business. I am really looking forward to going since I wasn't able to go last year. 

This last weekend we got to throw a baby shower for Lauren and the twin boys who have been trying to join us recently. She is now 31 weeks and doing everything she can to keep the boys in for a little bit longer. After the shower my sister, mom and Sarah got to go wedding shopping. I was reminded the other day that I have under 4 months left before our wedding day so its time to start putting things together and marking stuff off the to-do list. I am so lucky to have a great group of ladies helping out with the planning and decorating.

I got to wheel the wagon at the door car only race in Benton IL

Racing the S-11 in Benton

My sister, Haley (Lauren's sister) and I rubbing the baby bump!

My new Hope tattoo.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.