Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Check up

Getting to Houston was one of the most complicated trips I have taken. The girls had a meet in Oklahoma City on Saturday and I was suppose to fly out from there on Sunday morning for my MRI on Sunday afternoon. On Thursday night after work I decided to get online and check my schedule of appointments at MD. Luckily I did this because they had went a head a scheduled a CT scan for Sunday morning at 7:20. If I wouldn't have looked I wouldn't have showed up for it. Well this caused a dilemma because my flight out of OKC wasn't until 8:30 that morning. The latest flight out Saturday was at 2:40 and if I had to take that one, that would mean I would have to miss sessions at the meet. I waited until Friday morning to try and get a hold of MD to see if they could change my CT scan to later in the day since my MRI wasn't scheduled until 4:30 and we had already booked our flights, hotel and car. I left a message with the scheduling nurse who wasn't in on Fridays. I did finally get a call from the nurse who was just ready to get out of the office. Was no help at all and refused to help me out in anyway. Just told me they were pretty busy on Sundays and if I could just show up for the appointment at 7:00 am that would be great. So getting this scan changed wasn't looking real promising. So I went a head and changed our flights to Saturday afternoon, added a night to our hotel and car.

We headed to Oklahoma Friday afternoon and about half way there I get a call from the scheduling nurse at MD confirming my appointments. I had asked if there was anyway she could move my CT scan to later in the day. It amazes me what a little effort and willingness to help someone does. She was able to move the scan to 12:40 on Sunday unlike the last nurse who refused to even look at moving it. So this meant I could stay for all the sessions on Saturday and fly out early Sunday morning. So I changed our flights once again, canceled Saturday night with the hotel and car. At this point I was pretty sure I would be red flagged at the airport for all the changing of flights I just did in less than 8 hours.

We  had a lot of fun in OKC and all the girls did really well. Friday night we got to watch a NCAA session between Oklahoma, Alabama, West Virginia, and Michigan. 

I scored a 9.925 on vault for West Virginia!

Sarah made a special trip down to see the girls compete. It was nice to see her!

I got out of OKC with no problems at all and met Kyle in Houston around 11. We headed straight to the hospital to start the excitement. Everything went smoothly during the CT scan and MRI, just took all afternoon.

I saw the neurosurgeon at 8:30 Monday morning with the results from the MRI. I wasn't real nervous for this appointment but its still stressful. I wish every doctor would do what this PA does. As she is opening the door to come talk to us she tells us everything looks great and nothing showed up on the scans. And then she sits down and asks all her questions and does her examination. This is so nice because she doesn't make us wait for the results and doesn't try to have a conversation before she tells us anything.

I was scheduled to see the oncologist with the CT scans at 10:30. We didn't get called back to the room until 11:30. Lets say I wasn't real happy at this point. Its just frustrating to have to wait so long before you are even called back. We had to wait another 20 mins in the room for the doctor came in. Then she comes in and wants to know how life is and then wants to do the examination, ask about the wedding and honeymoon. At this point I don't want to talk about life, I just want the results. After you give me those I would be happy to discuss anything with you. I already had to wait over an hour to see you, so just tell me the results.

These results were just as good as the MRI. Everything is stable if not slightly improved from the last time. The one spot on one side of the liver doesn't even show up, the spots in the lungs are barley recognizable, and the other spot in the liver is way improved. This was such a huge relief.

Now the plan is to repeat a CT scan in 3 months and an MRI in 6 months. I am hoping everything continues to improve.

I need to send prayers to a special person who starting this crazy journey. Stay strong and you will have so many people beside you fighting along with you.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wedding Pictures

A few pictures from our wedding. There are so many good ones, it was hard to choose which ones to share.

 Blake and Jackson

 Right before we walked down the isle.
 My beautiful ladies!
 It was freezing out but I am glad we got a couple of pictures outside

 Love my children!
All of our family and friends in one place

I believe Jacks was holding up #1

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Year

I know it has been a while since I updated this and what better time to do than on a snow day. It amazes me how much I can get accomplished around the house when I am stuck inside of it for almost a full day, but I am not sure I could play Suzy Homemaker everyday.

The last month has been busy and hectic but I wouldn't trade it for anything. At the beginning of January I finally got to see my girls compete at their second meet of the season. I am so proud of how every girl did at that meet. The girls had their third meet two weeks ago and they all made huge improvements and its so nice seeing all their hard work pay off.

This last weekend was the Thumbwars practice tree race which is usually a good time. It is nice to see all the racers during the off season. I did not fair to well and only won a little bit of money but I still enjoyed the night. On Sunday Mom and Dad had the family over to celebrate Kyle and I's birthdays and to watch the Super bowl. It felt good to get to spend some time with my family and the crazy kids.

I saw my oncologist last week and all of my labs are looking great. I didn't get scans done yet because I might get some when we go to Houston at the end of February. But I am feeling great and getting more of my energy back each day.

Crazy Girls after the Folgers meet
My girls and I after KC Coed. Best meet of the year for them so far

Thumbwars Winners
Grizzly Adams and I at Thumbwars
 My beautiful birthday flowers from Sarah
 Kyle and I's birthday cake from my family
I am going to try harder to update this more often this year.