Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Going Strong

Well, I have made it through 3 rounds of chemo and only have 1 left before I have to do scans again to see if it is doing it's job. And honestly this has been the easiest rounds of chemo I have done. I only have to do one day every other week and have been able to go into the work the next day without feeling bad. I hope the rest of the rounds go this easy.

We finally got results from Foundation One gene testing. The tumor came back with 4 different mutations, which is good because we have a few other options when or if chemo stops working. The first mutation they found has a pill they have used to help fight it and there is also a clinical trial going on that focuses on that mutation. The second one has just a clinical trial going on. The other two don't have anything right now but that doesn't mean there won't be any drugs or trials for those mutations.

I finished full brain radiation in July and just did a MRI today. I will see Dr. Bell on Tuesday next week with the results. With this also, I had very few side effects other than my hair falling out.

JR let me make a couple of passes in Batman. Almost hit 200mph!

Kyle and I had to race at the Topeka division race. It was a good race but I was slightly better than him this time!

I finally got a win this last weekend. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I will be pretty busy the next couple weeks but I will try to update after we get the results from the MRI to see if the radiation did its job.