Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rough Road

The last month has been a tough one to say the least. After the 5th round of chemo I was unable to get out of bed the whole weekend . I had no energy and felt worse than I have ever felt before. I was over it, I was over everything. I wanted to give up. I know that isn't the right attitude to have but it is the honest truth. I couldn't see myself going through anymore chemo, I just wanted it to be all over with. I am so thankful Kyle was there beside me the whole time, without him I wouldn't have been able to make it through.

It was really hard to look forward to the 6th and final (hopefully) round of chemo when I had a pretty good idea of how I was going to feel. And sure enough I was right. It hit me Thursday night after I got home and I am still feeling like crap. I had planned on going to work Monday morning until I spent the morning on the bathroom floor. I hadn't ever gotten sick before, so I am not sure what that was all about. So lets just say I spent another day in bed.

I am starting to worry about my upcoming appointments in Houston. I am worried they are going to want to do more rounds of chemo and I honestly don't think I can do anymore. I know I can't give up now but I am to my breaking point and having to do anymore chemo will just push me right over the edge.

Kyle and I will fly out to Houston on Saturday. I have scans on Sunday and will see the doctor on Monday. I will update after we get the results.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The little things

So today I received a very touching letter in the mail from a very caring doctor that has helped me throughout this battle. Even though I haven't seen him in a couple of months, he took the time out of his busy schedule to write me this wonderful letter. It really means a lot to me and made me realize how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life.

I am not sure if he reads my blog or not but I just hope he realizes how thankful I am to have received this letter.

It's the little things like this that really help me get through the rough days.