Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend of racing

This past weekend we went to Great Bend for the National Open. I was pretty excited to get to race the dragster again. The first pass out just reminded me that someone is telling me I should stick to racing the S-11 instead of a digger. After the run I noticed it was making a funny noise. So at the end of the track I started her back up and the noise was still there. So I waited down there for about 15 minutes until JR and Dad realized I wasn't back at the trailer yet. Once we got back we took the valve covers off to find that the tip of a valve had broken off. So operation motor change was in place. I think we got the motor switched out in record time for being at the track (and we weren't really in a hurry). It was in just in time for the second round of time trials. So I really didn't miss a pass other than one super quick qualifying. Thanks to JR for letting me borrow his motor for the weekend!

Ready to come out  
Dad enjoyed getting to use the motor changer for the first time in the new trailer!
Ready to go again.
Throughtout the whole weekend I ended up making about 21 passes in the digger and the S-11. I raced super comp, where I lost 2nd round due to the throttle stop not coming on because the little green switch wasn't turned back on. Dad, JR and I were the 3 of the 4 dragsters left in the super quick series. I ended up having to race JR and I think he sabotaged my car because she didn't run good when the spray came on. I raced the S-11 in super pro where I lost at 3 cars. JR ended up winning the super street shoot out on Saturday after a lengthy staging duel (which was really entertaining to watch!) and he also won both days of the super quick.
Our workspace for the weekend. I think we need just one more log book.
 It was a good weekend to get away. Even though I didn't feel 100% I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with my family doing what we love to do. I am hoping I will feel well enough to go back out next weekend for the division race. As far as racing, I don't know if I will be able to or not. It just depends on how this round of chemo effects me.


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  1. Jeryka
    You are such an inspiration!!! Praying that you continue to do well with the chemo. Keep up the racing if you can...I really enjoy reading about it. I would love to come and watch you sometime and see your mom and dad.
    Hang in there!!!