Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hangover round 2

Round 2 of chemo is over and it has been the worst hangover I have ever had. It started last Thursday while I was still receiving chemo and lasted until at least Monday. I did not leave the house until Sunday when I forced myself to get out and go wash my car and do some yard work. I was so sick of laying around the house feeling like crap.

I met with Dr. Koeneke before the last round to go over my blood work and to get the results from my bone scan. The good news is nothing showed up on the bone scan, so that was a huge relief. My blood counts were low so he wants to do weekly blood work to see how low they actually get and to see if I need to get a booster shot to raise my white blood cell count.

After my blood work on Monday I had to go back to get the booster shot because my counts were 300. They usually want them to be around 1000, so they were extremely low this time around. I will be getting the shot three days in a row to hopefully raise my numbers. I am hoping this is why I have had no energy and why I haven't felt the best this time around. I am actually not suppose to be around too many people with my counts being that low because my body can't fight off infection as good as it could with higher counts. So that makes it real hard to be at work since I am around germ infested children most of the time!! I might as well just start drinking the Germ-X!

We will be heading back to Houston on May 12th. I will get an MRI that day and then see the neurosurgeon and radiologist for my check up after surgery and the Gamma Knife the following day. I will also do another bone scan and CT scan while I am down there and then meet with the oncologist. If everything is clear we will continue with the same chemo I am receiving now.

Hope all my KS friends have enjoyed the weather!



  1. Jeryka
    I think of you and pray for you everyday. Stay strong!


  2. You hang in there girl. You have alot more racing and living to do. God Bless You Roger and Ethan Reed