Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Better Feeling

After last Thursday I wasn't sure I wanted to meet with any more doctors. I was just ready to go home and forget all of this, but we couldn't. We had to get up the next day and meet with the radiologist to discuss sterotatic radiosurgery. Lets just say this appointment went 100 times better than the one the day before. The doctor explained everything so well and he felt really comfortable doing the radiation called Gamma Knife on the lesion that is too deep in the brain to remove. We also discussed a randomized study I could be a part of that would consist of either observing me after surgery or doing gamma knife to the cavity where the lesion gets removed from. We will have to wait until we figure out what type of cancer this is before we really make a decision on what direction we need to go as far as radiation.

 This is a video about Gamma Knife. We were shown this at the appointment and it helped us understand the procedure more.

After that appointment Kyle and I headed to the airport for a short trip home. It was so nice to be back in KS even if it was cold and there was snow on the ground. I got to go into work for a little bit on Saturday and get caught up on everything that has been going on. Alicia and Pam have been keeping the gym under control while I have been gone. Saturday night we had dinner with Kyle's family and just hung out at their house with no worries at all. Sunday Kyle and I headed back to KC to have dinner with my sister and her family before we headed back to the airport.

Monday morning I had the appointment with the neurosurgeon that also went really well. He showed us the MRI and pointed out where each lesion was. He explained how he would go about removing this and answered all our questions. I was expecting them to remove the a big chunk of my skull to get this lesion out and then I thought they would staple it all back together. I figured I would be in major pain and not able to do anything for a good amount of time......All of that is wrong. He will be making a very small incision right around my left temple at about the hair line (so they won't have to cut to much of my hair!). They will close the incision up with dissolvable stitches and I would only have to spend 3 days in the hospital. I won't experience too much pain other than when I chew food up. I think I can handle this one!

My surgery is scheduled for this Thursday and I should be able to leave the hospital by Saturday morning. On Wednesday I will have to do lab work, get another MRI so they can double check everything and then I will meet with the anesthesiologist. Thursday they will do to procedure, which should only take a couple to three hours and then Friday I will get another MRI to make sure everything still looks good. It will probably take the pathologist about a week to determine what this lesion is because off all the possibilities it could be.

Mom got to experience MD Anderson for the first time and she did very well. Kyle and I have gotten to show her around "our town" and I think we are going to take her to Rodeo Houston on Tuesday and let her experience that. Lady Antebellum is playing after the rodeo so I am looking forward to that and also excited to see if any more baby pigs were born since the last time we were there.

I am planning on going home early next week and be back to work as soon as I get home. State meet is next weekend and I am really hoping I am able to go. I have missed all the girls and all the coaches at the gym so I am looking forward to getting back. I have been very lucky to have such wonderful coaches that have helped with the gym throughout all of this. I am very thankful for each and every one of you.

I will update as soon as I can after surgery. Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. I love you all!



  1. You are such a brave young lady and are so strong!! I have been keeping you in my prayers. I know you have a great support system between your family and friends. You'll do great on Thursday and before you know it this will all be a thing of the past!


  2. Thinking of you guys! Go kick the crap out of this stuff!!!

  3. Jeryka, just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and your family and lifting you all up in prayer. You are a strong and brave young lady! (Stephanie gave me the info about your blog :-)

  4. You can TOTALLY handle this! Bob and I are pulling for you! Love you lots!

  5. Hi Jeryka - I am a friend of Keely's. She's told me about your experiences recently. I wanted to tell you that one of my best friend's brothers had a brain tumor about 8 years ago and it didn't look good. His doctors used the then new Gamma Knife and it was a huge success. He is cancer free and doing so well.

    Prayers and strength to you,
    Heather McCornack