Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Starting the year off right!

Once again, I know I have been slacking at keeping this up to date. Things have been really busy between getting the gym back into functional use and traveling for meets. Most of you may already know but I purchased half of the gym on December 17th and I couldn't be more excited and ready to start this journey. I have always wanted to own a gym and I am thankful I have been given this opportunity to pursue my dream.

The last blog I wrote was about going to get my check ups so I guess I need to update you on how those went. I had a scope of the bladder done with Dr. Laki and everything came back good there. We had a little scare when he looked at my CT scans (thought there was an enlarged lympth node) but that came back to be nothing. I met with Dr. Koeneke to get my lab results and to go over my scans. Everything was clear there and my lab work was were it needed to be. I was relieved to here all this good news right at the beginning of the year. I will be getting an MRI of the brain this Thursday and will meet with Dr. Bell next week to go over the results. Hoping for some more good news!

Meets have been going really well. We traveled to KC at the end of January and that started our 4 week circus. We just got back from Nebraska and will held to Chicago this weekend. When we get back from Chicago we will travel to Wichita and then have a weekend off of competitions. During that week off I will be flying out to Phoenix to race the national event out there. Dad and JR have been working their butts off to get dad's new car finished before Phoenix and I really wish I could be there to help more.

On another exciting note.....

Kyle showed up at the gym last night right at the end of practice and surprised me by proposing. He really caught be off guard which was good because I have been waiting for this moment for a while! Some of the team girls were here, Pam, Alicia, Mandi, and Allie all got to witness it. Having them here made the moment even more special.

I love the girls reactions in the background!

He did good!

Right now we are looking to do it this November, so let the planning begin. Something else to keep me busy!


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  1. It’s good to hear that you’ve started the year full of good news! There’s a saying that blessings would come flowing when you start the year with good news. So how are you now? I hope you’re doing fine now, and that you’re hanging in there.

    Meghan @AuroraDX.com