Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The Limo ride from the Airport that took over an hour!

There were 6 gyms set up and running at one time!
This was how our Sunday morning session started out with the Butler girls! They are not morning people.
Jordyn Wieber talking the level 8's
Alicia Sacromone talking to the level 5's during awards
Waiting to catch the train to the airport
Any chance they get they are on their hands.
Waiting to leave!

The competition was held at the Navy Pier


I wish we would have had a little more time to do some exploring but I still enjoyed the quick trip to Chicago. It was nice to see all the girls hanging out and getting to spend time with each other outside of the gym. The girls were really supportive of each other and took the time to come cheer each other on while they competed. I was really happy with how all of them did considering this was probably one of the largest meets most of them have ever been to and they kept it together and stayed focused during the whole meet. There was around 4300 gymnast competing from all around the USA, Mexico, Canada and Bermuda.

We have one more meet this coming up weekend and then the girls will have a week off. I on the other hand will use the weekend off from coaching to travel to Phoenix for the national event. 


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