Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Sorry a head of time for this being so long.....

It was so nice being in Phoenix in the warmer weather (it was still slightly chilli but I don't want to complain considering what home was getting). I got to give my brain a rest and not worry about anything but racing. It was my first race in my "new" car (dad's car from last year), dad first race in his new car (that just got done on the Saturday before we left) and JR would just bring Batman back out.

JR was sick for most of the weekend, we fought small bugs with dads car and JR basically did a blow over in Batman without actually going over. It was one of the craziest things I have seen and what does JR do after his car came back down to earth....continue driving, like no big deal. He ended up going 192 mph with one wheel bent, one tire flat and the body all bent up. Once we got back to the trailer his exact words were "I wasn't that high was I?". Lets just say he was high enough that Batman needs a new front end and a new body.

To finish the weekend off, JR ended up winning Top Sportsman in the s-10 truck he was driving for Joe Meyer. Unfortunately mom, dad and I couldn't stay for pictures because we had to leave to catch our flights. We did get to celebrate for a little bit but it was really hard leaving especially since I had to leave to go to Houston.

My flight was scheduled to leave at 6:30, I checked in around 6:15 and boarded the plane at 6:27, made it with some time to spare!  Because I checked in late my bags didn't make it on the same plane. I made it to Houston around 10 and had to wait an hour for Kyle to get there and we waited around to see if my luggage would show up but it never did. So we were told to come back Monday morning to check on it.

Monday rolled around and we headed back to the airport to pick up my two suitcases. We only ended up getting one because they didn't know where the other one was. When it showed up they were suppose to deliver it to my hotel. Luckily my big suitcase is the one that showed up so I had the majority of my clothes and shoes.

My appointment with the doctor was scheduled for 2:00 but we didn't go back to see her until 3:30 or so. When she walked in she just acted like I was there just for the heck of it, like nothing was wrong. After she asked some questions, she was ready to let us leave. It wasn't until Kyle and I explained to her that I was sent down here because of the spots on the brain that showed up on the MRI. She was confused and just thought we were talking about the spot on the skull they saw back in November. I had to repeat myself multiple times until she started to seem to get it. All the reports from the scans I had back home were faxed here last week. She had read the reports from the CT scan, the bone scan and the blood work but hadn't looked at the MRI reports. Once her nurse came back in to let us know they would be setting up and MRI this week, she informed us that the reports were on her desk and had been there, she just hadn't read them. Lets just say I was really frustrated that they didn't seem to know what was going on and if I wouldn't have said anything she would have just let me walk out of there like no big deal.

I was waiting to get blood work done when I received a phone cal telling me I would have an MRI that night at 9:00. I am glad they finally realized what was going on and got that set up in a hurry.

As of Tuesday I hadn't heard back from anyone. I am hoping I will get a call early Wednesday to let me know what I need to do now. The doctor will be out of town next week so she said she would need to see me by Thursday, but other than that I know nothing about what is going on. I just hope they got their act together and can figure out what is going on. I hate waiting and not having any idea what to do.

Since we had nothing to do Tuesday we decided to go walk around the mall before we would head to the Houston Rodeo. Our hotel is right next to the Reliant Stadium where the rodeo is being held so could just walk right across the street. This fair/rodeo is just a little bit bigger than the Riley County fair! There was so much going on, all day long. I believe Monday was the first day of it and it will run until March 17th.After the rodeo each night they have a small concert that features different bands and tonight was Gary Allan. It was nice to spend the night relaxing and not worry about when my next appointment was (not saying I didn't think about it, I just didn't worry about it!)

I will update everyone as soon as I get updated on what is going on.

Thanks for supportive texts, calls, emails, and facebook messages. They really mean a lot and help me stay positive during all of this. I wouldn't be able to make it though this bump in the road without the support of family and friends. We will get though this just like the last time. 


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