Monday, July 9, 2012

First day

Well the first day of chemo is finally in the books. And it was a long one! JR and I got to the office around 9 this morning and I got home at 7, that would be a ten hour day sitting in the recliner watching tv, playing on my iPad, reading, sleeping and having to pee a lot. I had to do two huge bags of the cisplatin with other fluids to make sure I stayed hydrated. Each bag took about 3 hours each to finish. The last drug they gave me was the etoposide and that was suppose to take 2 hours but it ended up being close to 3. Right now I feel great, just a little tired but other than that everything went good today. It was nice to have JR up there with me for the first half of treatment. Kyle brought us lunch and he stayed after JR headed home.

Tomorrow and Wednesday will only be about 2 hours long since I will only be receiving the etoposide. On Thursday I will go in the get a shot of neulasta, which is a drug that raises my white blood cell count. For the following three weeks I will go in on Fridays for lab work to make sure everything looks good. I will then meet with Dr. Koeneke the Friday before my next treatment to discuss everything and get the dosages set up if anything needs to change.

That's all for now, thanks for reading and for you support through all of this!



  1. Thanks for keeping us posted! We are all here for you. Keep up that upbeat attitude and call me when you get a chance. Love you!!
    Coach Tina

  2. Sorry to hear about your situation, but glad to see you have a positive additude towards fighting it. The same inner drive to win in racing or any other sport is the same inner drive that will help you win this battle too. Good Luck and hope to see you back on the track winning some more races soon!

  3. I'm thinking about you constantly and keeping my fingers crossed for the best outcome possible! Love you!! :)
    <3 Kelsey Richardson