Friday, July 20, 2012

Fight Like A Girl

This week was a good week, no problems and no sickness! I got to actually be a coach again and it felt great to be back in the gym. The girls have been working hard and they showed me that this week! It was so nice to be back and I am looking forward to a full week next week as well.

One of the parents purchased "fight like a girl" bladder cancer awareness bracelets that each team member got and they are proud to wear them around! They are also selling them at the gym if you are interested. I can't believe the amount of support is unbelievable, I am so blessed.

Speaking of support, I received a phone call from Fast Jack Beckman yesterday. He is a NHRA funny car driver and also a cancer survivor. He had so much insight on how to stay positive and upbeat during this battle, that I will take whole heartedly and use to win this. I know if I have any questions or just need someone to talk to I can call him up and he will listen in a second.

Looking forward to a great and relaxing weekend with mom. Hope everyone else has a good weekend as well.



  1. I never take my bracelet off :)

  2. I want a bracelet! Can you get them in bulk?