Monday, June 2, 2014

Once again

Well we didn't get the results we were hoping for. The MRI showed three new, but very small spots on the brain (that weren't on the scans I had done at home a month ago) And since there are multiple spots showing up they feel like full brain radiation would be best.  On a positive note, the previous spots that were Gamma Knifed are still gone.  So we know that I respond well to radiation.  I was just hoping to not have to use full brain this quick since I can only really do it one time. The nurse was very optimistic about doing full brain radiation. She felt I would handle it well and she told us she had seen scans that were 10 times worse than mine. So that made me feel better.

The CT scan showed the spots in the liver and lungs have grown a decent amount from the last scan. They all decreased in size and were stable after chemo in Jan but showed regrowth on these scans. There are no new spots so that is good I guess.

Right now we don't have a plan. My original oncologist at MD was out of the office today so I saw a differnt oncologist. He was going to share the results with her tomorrow and she will be getting a hold of us to start the next process.

I'm not real sure what to think about all of this. I was a little worried about the MRI since there was that suspicious spot on the one I did at home (which didn't even show up on these scans). But I felt good about the CT scans and really thought everything would be fine there. I don't think I'm ready to start this awful journey over yet again. I have had a great 4 months of being free from chemo. I just don't want to go down that round again for the 4th time. Maybe they will have something other than chemo that I can do.

I'll update when we get a plan.



  1. Hang in there Jeryka. Keep fighting and I will keep praying. I hope you hear something good tomorrow. Miss you and love you! Coach Tina

  2. Praying for you !
    Julie Reach

  3. Sending healing prayers your way.

  4. We've been praying for you this whole time and will continue to do so. Love to you and Kyle! :) ~Dale & Deana Foster

  5. Jeryka, continue to put your life in the Lords hands, let him keep you strong and know he has a greater plan for you and all of us. Bobby and I have always kept you in our prayers so go forward and enjoy your life as much as you possibly can and continue to show everyone what it is like to have your beautiful inner strengths and love for life and the people around you. :)

  6. You are always in our prayers, Jeryka. Stay strong in your determination to win the next round. Much love, Aunt Kay and Uncle Lynn