Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From radiation to chemo

Today was my 10th and final round of full brain radiation. Overall the process was extremely easy and painless. My hair hasn't fallen out and I really haven't had any other symptoms. My head just started getting tender to touch which is the burn from the radiation. I won't know for sure if it worked until I do a MRI in August.

I will start another round of chemo on Monday June 30th. This round will consist of three different drugs, which two of them I have already done. I only have to do it one day a week every two weeks. Which is way better than having to sit in a hospital for four straight days. We will do three rounds and then repeat scans to see if its working. If it is showing improvement we will probably do three more rounds after that.

This past weekend we traveled to Indy for the Jegs US Open. We were suppose to race there Friday, Sat and Sunday but since the car count was low and it looked like rain on Sunday they moved Sunday's race to Sat. So we got two races in and a golf cart race before we loaded up and hit the road to St Louis. They were having the Super Chevy race so we couldn't just drive by a race track that was racing without stopping.

Indy was a little rough on me overall. I was struggling and not driving well at all. Other than in the golf cart race. JR, Larry and myself all entered our golf cart into the race. It was done on an 18.99 index and I will say our cart and drivers had it figured out. I made it down to four carts before turning it red. Jacks had a blast racing with us and he even helped me drive a couple of rounds.

We got to St Louis about 2 am on Sunday to sleep outside the gates near East St Louis. I was a little scared for my life that night. We all got one time trial in super pro and the quick race and there were no buy backs. I was 1 red second round in super pro and made it to the finals in the super quick before missing the tree. I haven't been to St Louis in over a year and it is probably one of my favorite track to race at. The racers from there have been nothing but supportive throughout this whole process and it was finally good to see all of them in person. I really appreciate each and every one of the racers out there. They know how to make a person feel good even during the most difficult time. I was able to forget everything and just enjoy my time at the race track with my family and friends.

The awesome aunt I am let Jacks dry his bike with the air nozzle after a rain delay
Then I watched him play in a mud/oil/transmission fluid puddle with the air nozzle. And this was the aftermath. Lets just say he got a shower outside in the hose.

He was super excited for the golf cart race.

Its not a win but it felt great to even make it to the final. I just take this runner up as a sign that I will have plenty more races in my future to win.


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  1. Love the pics of Jackson & the picture of the family with Pearl:)
    Absolutely, lots more races to win in your future girl, we are cheering you on & love your determination, fight and attitude as always.