Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time to relax

I can finally relax. I hate waiting and that is what we had to do this morning before my appointment. But the wait was worth it this time.

All of the lesions they saw in March have either disappeared or decreased in size! Dr. Siefker showed us the scans of the lungs and she could only point out one lesion, which has gone from 5mm to 3mm and two other lesions that were on previous scans were not present on these scans. The lesion on the liver is now measuring 9mm, which before it was 1.2cm. The spot on the brain they did gamma knife to has decreased 9.7mm to 3.6mm.

We will continue with the same chemo for 3 more rounds and then I will come back down here to repeat the scans.

Thank you for all of the prayers, they have really done wonders. Kyle and I are flying home tonight and I will be able to attend the Topeka nationals this weekend.



  1. Such great news and totally worth waiting for! Keep fighting!!

  2. This is such great news. Sounds like all the praying and fighting is working!!! We will continue prayers here!