Monday, May 13, 2013

Babies, baseball game and good news

I wanted to give a huge congratulations to my brother and his wife Lauren! We found out this last weekend that they will be having IDENTICAL BOYS! Their household is going to be crazy if these two boys are anything like Jackson. I couldn't be anymore excited to add two more boys to the family.
I had a great Saturday spending time with the family before Kyle and I had to leave.

Love these guys!
On Sunday I had an MRI in the morning and then we went to the Astros vs Rangers baseball game. I haven't been to a baseball game in forever and I really had a great time. It was nice to get to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.
Today I was really nervous about getting the results from the MRI. I just wanted some good news, and that is exactly what we have gotten so far. Dr. Viswanathan (the neurosurgeon) was the one to deliver the good news. The spot that was removed looks great and the spot they gamma knifed was smaller in size. I was finally able to relax a little! We met with the Dr. Settle's physicians assistant (radiologist) this afternoon and she was real happy with the MRI results as well. We are free until Wednesday when I get a bone scan and CT scan. I will then have to wait until Thursday to get the results  when I meet with Dr. Siefker. I am hoping this appointment will go as good as the ones did today.


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  1. Very happy to hear you received some good news. Keeping you in my daily prayers.