Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I am starting to get real nervous about my check up next week. I have a CT scan on Wednesday morning and then I will see the doctor Thursday morning to get the results. I know I can't start worrying before I actually get results but how can I not worry about this. I am scared they are going to find something and make me do chemo again. I don't know what I would do if that was the case. The last round of chemo was horrible and I just can't see myself having to go through that all over again. I am trying hard to keep a positive mindset but at times it gets real hard. Everything has been going great and I just don't want that to stop. I have been busy with work, wedding planning and a little racing so that has helped keep my mind from wondering.

Abby, Angel and Sherman (my pets) sent my flowers at work.
Mom had sent me flowers last week also but I didn't get a picture of them.

Dad is so excited that he got all 3 dragsters and the S-11 to fit in the trailer. Don't worry its safe!

That is my car that gets to ride all the way up there!

This kid is crazy but love him to death. He got to hang out all weekend with us at the races.

At two weeks old these little guys made their first appearance at the race track.

National Gymnastics Day was Sept. 21st.

Abigail being my backseat driver.

I am wanting to send out some prayers for a couple of people I know from the race track as they are going through some health issues. I am thinking of both of you.


  1. You got this baby girl.

  2. I'm planning to bring you Champagne next time not more chicken soup!

  3. Lifting our favorite coach and friend up in prayers, that you will be free from worry, good scan results, and trusting God through this time.
    Have loved watching you live life beautifully without chemo the last few months, we love you!!