Monday, November 5, 2012

First day

Today started by catching the 7 am shuttle from the hotel to the medical center. I had to be there by 7:45 to get registered. I finally got called back to see th doctor around 9. We met with an assistant first and she did a quick physical on me and asked some questions. The doctor than came in and did another physical. She looked at the scans and saw something around the pelvis that worried her. The spot is near where they lymph node was taken during surgery in June. It could either be a fluid pouch from surgery or a tumor. I will repeat a CT scan on Wednesday so she can take a closer look at it. If it looks to be a tumor  they will do a biopsy on it. After meeting with the doctor she wanted me to see the urologist because of the abnormal cells Dr. Laki found with the last scope. I met with him and he decided to work me into his schedule to do a scope of the bladder. Everything looked good and he wants to repeat the scope on 6 months.

After seeing both doctors I was scheduled for a chest X-ray and blood work. That would end out the long day. I was ready to go home after sitting and waiting on doctors all day long. If I would have to guess I would say Kyle and I sat in the waiting room or sat in the room waiting on a doctor for a total of 3 to 4 hours. We finally got to leave around 3:15 and decided to just walk back to the hotel instead of waiting for the shuttle to get there.

We decided to get a rental car since we will be here all weekend and we were warned not to walk around after dark! Tonight we went to the downtown Aquarium to eat and do the exhibit. Since we have nothing scheduled for tomorrow I think we are going to find some shopping and go to the zoo for free admission day.

Wednesday I have a bone scan scheduled and after that I have a CT scan. We will be there all afternoon. Then on Thursday I meet with the doctor again to go over the scans. After we figure out what the spot is around the pelvis, we will get an appointment set up with the radiation doctor.

Overall today went alright, it was long and a little overwhelming. I am hoping to have a positive CT scan on Wednesday and the spot just be a fluid pouch. Don't want it to be a tumor because we would have to do more chemo depending on what the biopsy says about it.

Our hotel is nice. It's kind of depressing because of all the sick people but they are down here getting the best medical treatment they need. MD Anderson is huge and I would probably have gotten lost if we hadn't got directions from the receptionist.

Hope to have good news after Thursday!



  1. Praying for you Jeryka God Speed

  2. I'm sure all will go well buddy! Try to enjoy your shopping and zoo time tomorrow

  3. Hang in there girly!!!!!!! I love you!!!!