Monday, August 27, 2012

Year of Firsts

This year has been a year of firsts for the Lobner racing team. Dad just picked up his first national event win a couple weekends ago in Brainerd. It was such an awesome feeling listening to him win over the live audiocast but it would have been better if I could have been up there to celebrate with them. We may have lost a car that same weekend but dad getting his first national event wally sure helped ease the pain.

Check out dad doing wheelies!

I was unable to attend the Brainerd national because the week after was round 3. The week started with the 9 hour day but they had me come in at 8 so I was done by 5:15 and that meant I could go to practice for a little while. I only lasted about an hour before I started feeling sick and had to go home. It is just so frustrating to me because all I want to do is keep everything as normal as I can but I can't do that when I feel so crappy. I decided to start taking a vitamin C to see if that would help me feel better and give me some more energy during my on weeks; there is only so much sitting around I can take. It seemed to help a little bit. I didn't feel as sick but my energy level was still pretty low. I was able to go to practice each night for a little bit, I may have had to sit down and coach but at least I was able to attend.

Each week I get lab work done to make sure all my numbers are good and that my kidney and liver functions are good. I met with Dr. Koeneke the Friday before round 3 and he was really happy about everything. He said my kidney and liver functions were good and all my numbers were where they needed to be, even a little higher!

I have to say a huge thank you to Jeremy Maples, Sarah Scogin and both of their families. They had t-shirts made and were selling them like crazy this last weekend at the Topeka divisional. It was such an overwhelming feeling to be walking through the staging lanes and see so many people wearing your shirt and supporting you. I also have to thank Rick and Chase Huffman at Accelerated Graphics for donating the stickers.

This is the back of the amazing shirt Jeremy had done.

Unfortunately the weather didn't work with us this weekend. They ended up calling the race on Sunday around 2 and will finish it in Earlville in a couple of weeks. I had won first round of super street, dad won first round in top dragster and JR is still in top dragster and top sportsman as he did not get to run first round. So we will head to Earlville and try our luck there.

I was glad Jennifer and the kids were able to come up and watch me win first round. They all wore their shirts proudly and had a good time.

I am ready to enjoy these next two weeks off and then get started on my FINAL round of chemo!!

Thanks for reading and hope everyone has a great week.


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  1. Stay strong Stay tough your not on this journey alone