Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rough Road

The last month has been a tough one to say the least. After the 5th round of chemo I was unable to get out of bed the whole weekend . I had no energy and felt worse than I have ever felt before. I was over it, I was over everything. I wanted to give up. I know that isn't the right attitude to have but it is the honest truth. I couldn't see myself going through anymore chemo, I just wanted it to be all over with. I am so thankful Kyle was there beside me the whole time, without him I wouldn't have been able to make it through.

It was really hard to look forward to the 6th and final (hopefully) round of chemo when I had a pretty good idea of how I was going to feel. And sure enough I was right. It hit me Thursday night after I got home and I am still feeling like crap. I had planned on going to work Monday morning until I spent the morning on the bathroom floor. I hadn't ever gotten sick before, so I am not sure what that was all about. So lets just say I spent another day in bed.

I am starting to worry about my upcoming appointments in Houston. I am worried they are going to want to do more rounds of chemo and I honestly don't think I can do anymore. I know I can't give up now but I am to my breaking point and having to do anymore chemo will just push me right over the edge.

Kyle and I will fly out to Houston on Saturday. I have scans on Sunday and will see the doctor on Monday. I will update after we get the results.



  1. Hang in there Jeryka ~ you have proven to everyone what a fighter you are and you can do this!!!!! We are all here . . proud of you and all that you have been through. Keep looking forward to the future and all the great thigs you have ahead of you.

    Jill Curran

  2. Hangin in there Jeryka when you think it time to give ujp dig deeper you have a ton of people on your side. Please don't give up don't ever give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Roger and Ethan Reed

  3. You got this girl, you are so strong and determined! We love you!
    Melissa and brian

  4. And remember you are never ever alone.

  5. Pretty sure Jerkya did not write this, you are such a fighter, no talk of giving up girl. Prayers that the chemo that has kicked your butt has also kicked the cancer, WE LOVE YOU!!

  6. Don't forget, you've got A LOT of people praying for you, Jeryka!! Remember that God has the strength that you need - trust in Him to provide it at just the right times when you need Him most. He will carry you through. Love & prayers, Deana and Dale Foster

  7. Praying for good test results, Jeryka. Praying for you and Kyle, admire you both.